Ivan Kozik

Hi, my name is Ivan Kozik and you can reach me at ivan@ludios.org or via this form. I am currently available for consulting engagements that involve new or existing Python or JavaScript software. Some of my past work is listed here. I look forward to discussing your business problem and whether I can create the right solution for you.

You can find me on GitHub here. Most of my repos are in /ludios.

Here are a few of my thoughts on programming.

I used to program almost everything in Python, but the expensive Python 3 migration and a lack of performance improvements in CPython have led me to look elsewhere. Recently I've been using JavaScript for new projects because it has become a universal language, with excellent runtimes on the server, browser, and phone. I'm excited about the improvements in ES6, particularly quasiliterals, destructuring, generators, and even just the convenience of classes and arrow functions. With ES6 bringing JavaScript on par with other dynamic languages, we should see even broader adoption of JavaScript in 2015.

After a few years of overzealously programming non-stop, I've found enormous value in decomposing problems and making sure that the proposed solution meets the requirements before blazing ahead. Too often we compromise and end up with an unsatisfying solution that just creates more problems down the road. We should take the time to think hard about the problem before spending dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of hours programming. This involves talking to users, and thinking about use cases and "what-if" scenarios that stretch the proposed system.


My "big hobby" is web archiving. Web pages disappear at an alarming rate. We have enormous leverage in launching crawlers that preserve everything we want, both for ourselves and future generations. Text is incredibly cheap to store, yet we don't have anywhere near all of the web's text archived. If archiving interests you, join #archiveteam on EFNet and give ArchiveBot a try.

I got sucked into watching films in 2007 and have found these that I really like. It was a revelation to discover Shunji Iwai, Anh Hung Tran, Ki-duk Kim, and Andrzej Zulawski, who bring themes and attitudes that Hollywood wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. If you're sick of the tropes in the films you're watching, it is well worth digging around for the gems known to cinephiles.

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