I am a programmer and unaffiliated digital archivist in the California Central Valley. I mostly work with Rust, SQL, bash, and JavaScript. I operate Linux servers and manage a lot of data in PostgreSQL.

There are other Ivan Koziks, but I am the one who sends personal email correspondence only from That's always through the Gmail / Google MX with valid signatures. Please forward me anything suspicious, I do not mind false alarms or questions about whether some account is me.

I am on GitHub as ivan, where I don't add all my recent code, but do work on NixOS/nixpkgs. Most of my repos are at ludios and ludiosarchive. More recently, I've been interested in data modeling, business, psychology, epistemology, and science. I am also returning to doing some frontend programming because people prefer to interact with websites rather than psql.

I am interested in talking to collaborators, possible cofounders, and investors who might be interested in: new ways to search and filter the web, social note-taking and memory retrieval, aggregating large piles of data for prosocial purposes. Please email me and maybe talk to me on Signal.


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